Before getting your quote, you'll need to agree to these statements

You'll have a working ingenie box in your car

Your cover will be fully comprehensive

You have permission to have an ingenie box in the insured car

You agree to ingenie processing driving data from the box

You've told the DVLA of any medical conditions or disabilities

The insured car has not been modified. Check modifications list

No commercial driving, e.g. private hire, tuition or deliveries

The main policyholder will be the primary user of the car

No drivers of the car have unspent or pending non–motoring convictions

No drivers of the car have been refused, had cancelled or had special terms imposed on previous policies

Your insurance will be sold to you on the basis of the information you give us.

If your answers are incorrect or incomplete, your insurance could be cancelledor you might have a claim rejected or not paid in full.